Member Spotlight – Lakeland Printers

August 1, 2017 at 1:29 pm

Lakeland Printers has been a Chamber member for a number of years.  Beginning first of the year 2017, Nick Skogen bought the company from his employer and previous owner, Jim Leschak.  Nick has been with Lakeland since 1998. His college training in graphic design and computers science was a perfect match for the quickly changing printing business.   Technology, equipment and customers have changed dramatically over the years and Nick has worked through those changes to keep Lakeland at the cutting edge of the printing industry.   The days of cameras, darkrooms, and dial up have been replaced by digital, computers,  and cable internet.

At the same time, a lot of work is done by trusted printing presses.  Lakeland offers the expected services of stationary, envelopes and business cards, but also prints packaging, labels, stickers and die cut.  Their customer base is both local regional upper Midwest, and National with customers as far away as Washington State.  Customers range from small business, to hospitals, government entities, service and manufacturing and power companies.

All the services that big city printers offer, are offered right in Isle at Lakeland Printers, and at competitive prices too.

When asked what the major difference between being the key employee compared to being the owner, Nick said “I think the obvious major difference would be the fact that now I am fully responsible for all the financial decisions that are made. There’s a certain degree of satisfaction in knowing not only where the money is coming from, but also where it is going. Along with that comes the burden of knowing that the continued success of the business is dependent on my ability to manage all aspects of its operation.”

Member Spotlight – Jim’s Tree Service

April 28, 2017 at 12:26 pm

Welcome new member Jim Miodus of Jim’s Tree Service. Jim and his wife relocated to the Isle area in 2014 from Foley, MN after their daughter finished college to pursue her career in St. Cloud. They had visited the Isle area and knew they wanted to be here one day.  Jim started out with his father’s tree service initially, then was with Asplundh, and then started his own business.

With over 20 years of experience, Jim’s Tree Service offers affordable, dependable service throughout central Minnesota.  Jim has had arborist certification training.   He is fully insured and offers landscaping and sod work in addition to tree and brush removal, stump grinding, lot cleaning, cabling, corrective trimming and firewood for sale.

Jim’s web site shows other unique services he offers, in addition to the traditional services. He offers experienced YEAR ROUND High Risk Climbing service, removal of very large and complicated trees, corrective and selective trimming, emergency storm work, tree damage issues and tree disease identification.

Jim’s Tree Service not only provides tree and landscaping service but also provides snow removal and snow plow services in the Mille Lacs lake area. Welcome, Jim’s Tree Service.

Web Site:
Phone 320.333.3585


Member Spotlight – Mac’s Twin Bay Resort

February 3, 2017 at 1:21 pm

In Spring 1993, 21 year old college student Kevin McQuoid bought Jack’s Twin Bay Resort and renamed it Mac’s Twin Bay Resort. At the time, the resort had only 60 private fish house customers and required many renovations.  He is still grateful for the operational help his mom and dad gave him when he started out.   Five years later, Kevin began dating Karen Bannick who would later become his wife.   Karen had been a fishhouse customer at the resort for a few years and enjoyed fishing with her family at Twin Bay.  They’ve enjoy working and fishing together while raising their three children.

Today, Mac’s has 34 rental fish houses, and caretakes 180 private fish houses in the winter season.  “In the winter, we move our rental fish houses often to follow the fish”, Kevin explains.  “Customers appreciate that our team is always ready to help them out.  We move their houses, block them up and bank them with snow as they request.  Many of them enjoy calling up the day before they come and having us go in and drill their holes and turn on their heat”.

In the summer, there are 55 fishhouses that customers also use for summer camping as well as a 50 boat marina and small RV park.  There is always a wait list for the camping spots.  Currently Mac’s Twin Bay Resort leases the bar and restaurant to Amanda Brandt, who operates “Da Boathouse in Da Bay, featuring Chef Lincoln Anderson.  It’s a great venue with a delicious menu far removed from the typical “bar food” often featured in the area.

Since summer spaces are for the whole season and the restaurant is taken care of, Kevin has the opportunity to fish two national walleye circuits, including the National Walleye Tour and the Masters Walleye Circuit.   He has found great success as a professional tournament angler, winning 3 pro/am tournaments, and he and Karen won the coveted titles of “Husband and Wife Team of the Year” twice and “Division Team of the Year” once.  He’s now fishing with his 16 year old son, Eric.  They’ve had a few top 10’s already and are looking for their first win this summer.  He adds that he “started fishing tournaments with my dad, winning our very first one”!

Mac’s Twin Bay has been a premier destination on Lake Mille Lacs for 24 years.  Their attention to customer service is what Kevin feels sets them apart and why the resort always has a summer waiting list.  It’s a small, family business that prides itself on beautiful accommodations and grounds.  The staff is seasonal, with 3 in the winter office and several others handling maintenance and operations during the year.  They still have openings for 2017 fish house rentals – deluxe sleepers, day houses and spear houses.  For 2017 summer, they do have some openings in the marina.  For more information about Mac’s Twin Bay Resort, see their web site at:

Member Spotlight – Isle Municipal Liquor Store

October 24, 2016 at 3:18 pm

image0011The Isle Muni was established February 7, 1946, initially as a bar (On sale) and later added a liquor store (Off Sale).   The store has been at several locations in the downtown Isle area, and in the current structure at Hennepin and Main since about 1978.  The Muni has for the most part always given a portion of its profits back to the City of Isle to defray taxes for those who live in Isle City limits.

The current manager is Shannon Schminkey.  Her parents have owned a resort and bar on Big Sandy Lake since 1981, with Off-Sale, On-Sale, Kitchen, and Camping.  By 1989, Shannon was working in a significant capacity in her parent’s business, including running the restaurant and bar.  Shannon has college with emphasis in Accounting, business and HR.  She worked in the Twin Cities for 17 years before coming back north to help her folks with their business again from 2005 to 2015.  It was in 2015 that she came on board as the Manager of the Isle Municipal Liquor Store.

She notes that the City has a great location with its present store, and has reasonable pricing in both the bar and Off-Sale.   She has facilitated the menu growing in size and quality since coming on board, knowing that good food brings people in and keeps them there longer.  Some features are homemade pizza and sandwiches and Muni Munchies.  The Muni also boasts some of the best entertainment bands in the area with a variety of modern rock and roll, classic rock and country bands.   Bands are scheduled at least once a month, and twice a month in the Summer time.   Under Shannon’s lead, the Muni is cleaner, more up to code and there are visions for a better kitchen in the future.  Pricing is in line with local competition.

Shannon is proud of her friendly staff who have great humor and work well together as a team.  Wise inventory management, smart buying and personnel restructuring have even garnered the approval of the Minnesota Municipal Beverage Association who have shared that they feel the store is on the right track.